Women’s Day / Dzień kobiet (Poland, 2012)

directed by Maria Sadowska, drama, 92 min, eng subtitles
written by Katarzyna Terechowicz, Maria Sadowska
with Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Eryk Lubos, Grażyna Barszczewska

A debut feature by the director and singer Maria Sadowska, compared by critics to Soderbergh's Erin Brokovich. Women's Day follows the story of Halina, single mother of a rebellious teenager, who has just been promoted from cashier to manager of a supermarket. This promotion will gradually change Halina's life. However, she will have to pay a very high price for its benefits. Being once a victim of inhuman rules implemented by the management team, now she is the one who will have to apply them and stand on the other side from her coworkers and friends. When the retail chain exceeds all the limits, Halina will stand against her superiors, exposing herself to some violent consequences.
Inspired by true events, Women's Day is a rare example in Polish cinema of a socially engaged film.

Film Festival Cottbus 2012 (Best Film)
Tarnow Film Award 2013 (Special Jury Award)
Kinopolska Festival 2012 (Audience Award)