Mamas&Papas (Czech Republic, 2010)

directed by Alice Nellis, drama, 110 min, eng subtitles
written by Alice Nellis
with Zuzana Bydžovská, Martha Issová, Ivan Shvedoff, Václav Jiráček

Four couples trying to cope with the issues and realities of parenthood. Irena is a middle-aged fertility specialist with one child who helps couples like Zuzi and Filip, who have been trying for three years to conceive. Filip's brother Michal is having serious problems with his girlfriend Teresa, who seems more interested in her career than the child he yearns to have. A Ukrainian couple living in Prague in dire financial straits consider making a heart-breaking decision to cope with their family budget. Individual lives intersect and change through emotionally charged stories, as each partner deals with what they have lost and gained with varying degrees of success (and failure). An introspective and brutally honest insight into the joys and heartaches of being a mama or a papa.

Czech Lion 2011 (Best Leading Actress)
Hamptons IFF 2010, USA (Golden Starfish Award, Zicherman Screenplay Award)