Generation Singles / Generace Singles (Czech Republic, 2011)

directed by Jana Počtová, documentary, 79 min, eng subtitles
written by Jana Počtová

Generation Singles follows the daily lives of six ordinary people over the course of one year, as they either praise their independence and proudly state they need no partner, or desperately dream of one. One man speaks about the importance of looks, another complains that "your skin gets thicker after every fleeting relationship", a woman laughs at her friends who think that she would accept any man just because she is still single at the age of 30 and the next one puts the blame on fairy tales for believing in the knight in shiny armour. As one watches these people go through a tangled web of social games in the quest for someone to share their lives with, it is easy to sympathise and relate but, at the same time, some questions inevitably come to mind: What is really behind the decision of young people to stay single? Is it a choice or a desperate solution? Where did the fear of loneliness disappear?... But after all, maybe not everybody is suitable for a long-term relationship...