Documentarian / Dokumentālists (Latvia, 2012)

directed by Ivars Zviedris, Inese Kļava, documentary, 82 min, eng subtitles
written by Ivars Zviedris, Inese Kļava

Inta is a rustic, eccentric woman who lives alone on the edge of a picturesque marsh. One day her solitude is intruded upon by the arrival of a documentary filmmaker. In his eyes Inta is an outstanding would-be film protagonist but the wild woman would rather put a curse on the importunate intruder than let herself be filmed. However, the filmmaker's persistence and the little yet so desired dose of love and appreciation finally succeed in melting the ice of Inta's heart... just to break it soon afterwards.

The documentary is a shocking and thought-provoking story of the strength of character and fragility of the heart, against a surreal backdrop of nature in all its states (just as human nature). It develops as a darkly comic meta-commentary on the ambiguities of the inner life of a person, and on documentary filmmaking itself.

DocuDays UA - Ukraine International Human Rights FF 2013 (International Jury Special Award, Student Jury Grand Prix)
Latvian National Festival Lielais Kristaps 2012 (Best Feature Length Documentary, Audience Award)