Lora from Morning till Evening / Лора от сутрин до вечер (Bulgaria, 2011)

directed by Dimitar Kotzev - Shosho, comedy, 93 min, eng subtitles
written by Dimitar Kotzev - Shosho
with Milena Nikolova, Hristo Petkov, Iva Gocheva

After a night of partying, Lora, a young, street-smart and independent woman, has to pull herself together and attend an important meeting. At her office she finds two packages which contain two mysterious dice. The sides of one of them are all marked with the number two and the other with the number five. In the course of the day, Lora will have to find out the truth behind the magical properties of a set of six dice. Lora will be betrayed and helped, chased and abducted. She will fall in love and help a friend deal with a difficult relationship. After this roller-coaster day she will come out stronger and happier having reasserted the importance of true friendship.
Lora from Morning till Evening, which is also the debut of Bulgarian pop and jazz singer Milenita as an actress, gathers together a few wonderful young people in a nice urban adventure with a fair amount of laughter and the mystical dice. The characters don't even suspect how many problems might be caused by wishes coming true, and the answer is enough to fill a whole day.