Imagine (Poland/France/Portugal , 2012)

directed by Andrzej Jakimowski, drama, 105 min, eng subtitles
written by Andrzej Jakimowski
with Edward Hogg, Alexandra Maria Lara, Melchior Derouet

Award winning director, Andrzej Jakimowski (Tricks, Squint your Eyes), sets his new story far away from Poland - in Lisbon, Portugal.
Ian, a spatial orientation instructor, arrives at a world-renowned Lisbon clinic for the visually impaired to work with blind patients, help them become more confident and explore their surroundings without feeling vulnerable or afraid. His unconventional approach assumes that every object can be heard, imagined and anticipated. Ian quickly wins the trust of the patients, even though he pushes them to attempt challenges with an element of risk - to the dismay of the medical staff. Eva, an adult patient who never leaves her room and doesn't speak to anybody is most intrigued by the newcomer. Unexpectedly, she becomes one of his most eager students.
Explaining the motives that pushed Jakimowski to make this film, the director states :"I found the methods used by blind people to find their way around in the world to be both poetic and absolutely cinematic."

Warsaw Film Festival 2012 (Audience Award, Best Director)
Tarnow Film Award 2013 (Grand Prix)