Black Cat, White Cat / Crna mačka, beli mačor (Yugoslavia/France/Germany/Austria/Greece/USA, 1998)

directed by Emir Kusturica, comedy, 127 min, eng subtitles
written by Emir Kusturica, Gordan Mihić
with Bajram Severdzan, Branka Katic, Srdan Todorovic

Matko is a small time hustler, living by the Danube with his 17 years old son Zare. After a failed business deal, he owes money to the much more successful gangster Dadan. Dadan has a sister, Ladybird, that he desperately wants to see get married so they strike a deal: Zare is to marry her. But none of the two care much for an arranged marriage: Zare is in love with Ida, Ladybird is waiting for the man of her dreams.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 1998 (Audience Award)
Venice Film Festival 1998 (Laterna Magica Prize, Little Golden Lion, Silver Lion)