Honeymoon / Líbánky (Czech Republic, 2013)

directed by Jan Hřebejk, psychological drama, 98 min, eng subtitles
written by Petr Jarchovský
with Anna Geislerová, Stanislav Majer, Jiří Černý, Kristýna Fuitová

This intimate drama takes us into the shiny and bright wedding day of Tereza and Radim. Both of them have been married before: Tereza wound up with a broken heart, Radim with a now-adolescent son whose broken glasses set the plot in motion...The owner of a local optician's shop, who identifies himself as Jan Benda, has a chance encounter with the groom before the ceremony and ends up crashing the reception held at the beautiful country home of the bride's parents. As the family members drink, dance and talk, no one pays much attention to the lanky, casually dressed man who is keeping the children occupied. But as Jan's behaviour becomes increasingly peculiar and aggressive, Tereza is determined to get to the bottom of why he has come uninvited and what the shocking wedding present he brought is all about.
"Honeymoon", along with "Kawasaki's Rose" and "Innocence" (both screened during previous editions of CinEast), constitutes the third part of a loose trilogy about past guilt and the possibility of forgiveness.