Short films evening in Ancien Cinéma

100 min, eng subtitles

Lisa, go home! / Liza, namo! by Oksana Buraja (LT 2012, 27 min)  
The soul of the child does not want to reconcile with her surroundings. The film-makers made the effort to record, what reflects the generation gap between the little girl Lisa and the world of adults in her family. Part of the continuing conflicts that were recorded occur because of Lisa's running away from home. "Why are you always running away? What are you missing?" The little girl hears these questions relentlessly. However, how is it possible to explain, what is only clear to her own soul - what is within the indescribably fragile existence of a child?

The Ditch/Santul by Adrian Silisteanu (RO 2012, 18 min)* web trailer
Vasile has to finish a ditch in front of his house and he finds Petre, a Gypsy young man, to help him. Learning that none of the villagers wants to baptize Petre's kid, Vasile decides to be the Godfather. His wife doesn't agree and a tough fight starts between them.

Snow / Sneh by Ivana Sebestova (SK 2013, 18 min) web
A short film about a woman waiting for her love, about a man who looks for a perfect snowflake in far-away countries and about snow which conceals and melts dreams.

The Cement Mixer / Betoniera by Liviu Sãndulescu (RO 2012, 16')* web trailer
For the people living on a street in Bucharest, the torture has started a few days ago, when a construction site was set nearby. Since then, the construction work has been going on day and night. After calling the police several times to no avail, tonight, one man resorts to a rather unusual form of protest.

Survey about women / Sonda o kobietach by Mateusz G³owacki (PL 2012, 30) web
A film about women recounted from young men's point of view. This humorous picture of young generation proves that the fairer sex is a riddle males still cannot guess.


* Films kindly provided by NexT film festival