Little Girl Blue / Tajnosti (Czech Republic/Slovakia , 2007)

directed by Alice Nellis , drama, 95 min, eng subtitles
written by Alice Nellis
with Iva Bittová, Karel Roden, Martha Issová, Miloslav König

Julie's got it all going for her: a loving husband, a well-behaved teenage daughter, an attractive lover, translation work that she does purely for her own pleasure since she is supported by her successful spouse... and she has just moved into a beautiful new house. This story should be that of a perfect, happy family... But is Julie really happy? She overhears the news of her favourite singer's death and this is the starting point for Julie to realise that her life is might not be as ideal as it seems. Acting on her impulsive decision to buy a piano, she finally leaves the security of her daily routine and ventures into a seemingly normal day in which her life turns upside down. She must resolve her past and present first and question her real values if she wants to start a new life. In this intimate tale about the various shapes of love, the role of Julie is an acting comeback for the world-renowned singer and violinist Iva Bittová.


Czech Lion 2008 (Best Film)
Finale Film Festival Pilsen, Czech Republic 2008 (Best Film)