Short feature films marathon (I)

240 min, eng subtitles

Homo ciris by Jana Mináriková (SK 2013, 23 min) web trailer
A story about a man who wanted to become a fish, and did it...

The Easter Crumble / Mazurek by Julia Kolberger (PL 2013, 30 min) web director interview
When Urszula and Marek are joined by Stefan and Ewelina for Easter breakfast they learn quite soon that this will not be a happy Easter. Hidden accusations and grievances from their past come to the fore. The situation gets even more complex when Ada, Urszula's daughter, appears. She came from the UK with her new fiancé, a far cry from her mother's expectations. As breakfast turns into dinner Urszula knows this is the worst day of her life.

Window / Logs by Una Rozenbauma (LV 2012, 15 min) trailer
A young man Mr. Schmidt who is recovering from a recent nervous breakdown arrives at country manor. Waiting for mistress Mrs. Rosenbaum, Schmidt gets scared by the gardener and meets a bored young woman - Vera who kindly accompanies him through the house. Vera tells about the great tragedy. Three years ago this day has died a part of her aunts family, but the bodies were not found...

The Last Romeo / Viimane Romeo by Moonika Siimets (ET 2013, 35 min) web director trailer
A romantic country boy Lembo lives in a far away village, where men are drunkards and women are dreaming about the bright life in the city. Lembo has fallen in love with village beauty Liisu and decides to propose her. The story gets totally unexpected turn, when Liisu's father and the vodka loving dog step in. Lives and dreams will change during this one night. At the end nothing will be like it used to be before.

Tereza Dratvová, Born 1989 / Tereza Dratvová nar. 1989 by Adam Sedlák (CZ 2012, 16 min) web
What led a young girl Tereza Dratvová to such an act? Why are cars, hidden under the roof in our yard, safer than people, and what are the chances of escaping from here? An existential thriller shot in one take.

The Exhibition / Výstava by Peter Begányi, Andrej Kolenčík (SK 2013, 35 min) web trailer
A bitter comedy about a small museum, where the economic boom has not yet arrived. It appears as if time has stopped in this national museum, a museum which should serve as a show window for Slovakia. Stuffed animals are covered with dust and the three employees working as caretakers of the huge building look like the museum exhibits themselves.

BKA 49-77 by Jan Pavlacký (CZ 2012, 21 min) web trailer
Involved in a car accident, Petr and Martina are suddenly thrown in a situation where saving somebody else's life could put their own in danger. Caught between fear and guilt, they have to choose between bad and worse. Inspired by true events, the film tells the story from various perspectives of all of the people involved and questions the amount of responsibility we have for the actions we take.

Echo by Marcin Filipowicz (PL 2012, 20 min) web trailer
This is a story of a difficult relationship between a demanding father and his 11 year old son. After a longer absence the father unexpectedly comes back and takes his son on a holiday. In a mysterious forest he teaches the boy basic skills that each man must know in order to survive in the most difficult conditions: how to make a fire, build a hut and hide under water.

On Wednesdays / Trečiadieniais by Ieva Javaitytė (LT 2011, 3 min) web trailer
An old elegant lady is shopping in a supermarket. In her face - not even a trace of tiredness or anger, just a suspi- ciousness of the routine shopper. It seems that the old lady really takes her time doing her shopping and it is like a pleasant free time activity, a ritual.