Short animated films marathon

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In vino veritas by Aneta Kýrová Žabková (CZ 2012, 10 min) web
What could happen when three girlfriends meet after 25 years?

Guilt / Kalté by Reda Tomingas (LT 2013, 5min) 
A nervous female fox retreats into the shifting landscape of her subconscious to face a shadowy doppelganger. She wishes to cut herself off from the rest of the world. But it's not easy for her to find solitude and lose herself to her inner ghosts, as the outside world keeps knocking at the door with noises and images. The young fox must therefore decide whether to lose herself to his solipsistic madness or accept the path to reconciliation.

Boles by Špela Čadež (SI/DE 2013, 12 min) web
Filip lives in a poor neighbourhood. He dreams of writer's glory and luxurious lifestyle in a more prosperous part of town. One day Filip gets a knock on the door. His neighbour Tereza, an older prostitute that Filip tries to avoid by all means, asks him to write a letter for her fiancé. Filip agrees. And it would all end up fine if a week later Tereza would not show up at his doorstep again, asking him to write an answer to the previous letter.

Choir Tour / Kora turneja by Edmunds Jansons (LV 2012, 5 min) web
A world-famous boys' choir goes on a tour. In the hands of their severe conductor they are an obedient musical instrument. But left alone without supervision, they are just playful children. Once in Seoul the conductor is accidentally trapped in the elevator, and the boys are left alone.

Ziegenort by Tomasz Popakul (PL 2013, 19 min) web trailer
Fish Boy is a teenager facing the challenges of growing up. His problems are especially severe, as he is different from all others: He is half boy, half fish. His drama is set against the background of a seemingly idyllic fishing village, where is father wants to teach him how to become a fisherman. The boy‘s struggle with the stigma of rejection takes place in several dimensions of interpersonal relationships. Ultimately, it also affects Fish Boy‘s relationship with himself.

The Kiosk by Anete Melece (LV/CH 2013, 7 min) web trailer
The kiosk is Olga‘s little home, simply because she's become bigger than the exit. One day, she sets off on a journey.

Toto by Zbigniew Czapla (PL 2013, 12 min) web trailer
A story of a sensible boy, raised by a lonely and hard working mother, somewhere in a far province, where life revolves around daily, inveterate habits. "Toto", a kaleidoscope of events filled to the brim with suspense and awe, is a universal story about naiveté and irreversibly lost infant dreams. If we lack the word to name the phenomenon, we don't know precisely what exactly happened.

Fly Mill / Kärbeste Veski by Anu-Laura Tuttelberg (ET 2012, 7 min) web trailer
The protagnost is a miller living in a watermill. He bakes daily bread and raises ducklings whom he wishes one day to set free. But on the field next to his home, hunters go to shoot birds.

Snow / Sneh by Ivana Šebestová (SK 2013, 18 min)
A short film about a woman waiting for her love, about a man who looks for a perfect snowflake in far-away countries and about snow which conceals and melts dreams.

M.O. by Jakub Kouřil (CZ 2012, 7 min) web trailer
A lonely old lady orders a mechanical grandpa to spice-up her life.

Breakfast on the grass / Eine Mural by Erik Alunurm, M. Reha, M.-L. Rebane, M. Pakkas (ET 2011, 4 min)
It takes 99% hard work and 1% talent to create a masterpiece!

Pandas / Pandy by Matúš Vizár (SK/CZ 2013, 12 min) web trailer
The world is moving ever so fast and humans are claiming more and more space without necessarily considering the consequences. 'Pandas' is caught in the middle of a game where concepts of commercialism and pure voyeuristic entertainment are put side by side with notions of animal preservation. Yet, the very same ''saviors'' are tampering with natural selection processes and altering the mind of the panda, thus creating a hierarchy in terms of the value of life. Panda is at this point existing at the mercy of man but all of a sudden his compromising existence is altered by events beyond his control. From that point on, a new chapter starts in the incessant struggle between man and the rest of nature.

Outside / Užribis by Greta Stanciauskaite (LT 2012, 8 min) web
A man's philosophical journey - contemplation on the relationship between society and individual.

Rabbit and Deer / Nyuszi és őz by Peter Vacz (HU 2012, 17 min) web trailer
Deer and Rabbit are good friends who share every happy moment while living together in their 2D world. One day the TV breaks and Deer sees a strange thing inside it - a 3D cube - and the friendship between Rabbit and Deer is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension.

+"Carte Blanche" for Paul Thiltges

Paul Thiltges, a Luxembourg-based renowned producer (Megacities, Kirikou and the Sorceress), President of the Luxembourg Audiovisual Producers Union, will present some of his favourite short animations, mainly from the Eastern European countries.