Short documentary films marathon

240 min, eng subtitles

Lisa, go home! / Liza, namo! by Oksana Buraja (LT 2012, 27 min) 
The soul of the child does not want to reconcile with her surroundings. The film-makers made the effort to record, what reflects the generation gap between the little girl Lisa and the world of adults in her family. Part of the continuing conflicts that were recorded occur because of Lisa's running away from home. "Why are you always running away? What are you missing?" The little girl hears these questions relentlessly. However, how is it possible to explain, what is only clear to her own soul - what is within the indescribably fragile existence of a child?

When I Was a Boy, I Was a Girl / Ja kada sam bila klinac, bila sam klinka by Ivana Todorovic (RS 2013, 30 min) web director
Goca is a transvestite in Belgrade, the capital city of a country where organising or participating in a gay pride parade is forbidden. She is raising a daughter who is actually her niece. Although her eighteenyear-old boyfriend steals the money she risks life and limb to earn as a sex worker, Goca still loves him and manages to retain her sunny, open-minded nature. On her thirty-ninth birthday she decides to celebrate her coming-out on stage in front of a live audience. And so she tells them the story of her life: "When I was a boy, I was a girl.

Rogalik by Pawe³ Ziemilski (PL 2012, 17 min) web trailer
Traveling among people and objects we discover a world usually considered as ugly and unattractive. This dream-like journey is not a dream. Who are the people in this „big aquarium"? And what is our position towards them?

Stremt 89 by Anda Pușcaș, Dragoș Dulea (RO 2012, 14 min) web trailer
The road through Stremt ends in a mountain wall. Still, in 1989, people were eagerly awaiting army tanks, terrorists and glory. Today, though partly forgotten, partly imagined, the past is crystal clear.

Real Man's Film / Muški film by Nebojša Slijepèeviĉ (HR 2012, 12 min) web trailer
In Balkans every generation has its war. Sons are continuing fights started by their fathers. There are rifles and pistols in every hand. Concentration of arms has reached a critical point. Even the smallest incident would be disastrous to this fragile peace.
Watching children playing with toy guns makes you wander: what are we leaving to the next generation?

Survey about women / Sonda o kobietach by Mateusz G³owacki (PL 2012, 30) web
A film about women recounted from young men's point of view. This humorous picture of young generation proves that the fairer sex is a riddle males still cannot guess.

Chronicle of Oldĝich S. / Kronika Oldĝicha S. by Rudolf Šmíd (CZ 2011, 18 min) web
Mr Sedláèek was writing one-sentence entries in his chronicle from 1981 to 2005. The chronicle includes everyday stories of his and his family's life, the life of the village and its surroundings as well as international events. The real chronicle has more than two thousand daily notes. The authors picked two hundred and used about eighty of them for the screenplay. These eighty notes provide a concentrated overview of Mr. Sedláèek's life and of our society.

Snow Crazy / Sniegs by Laila Pakalnina (LV 2012, 34 min) trailer
There is a popular Latvian folksong which begins with the phrase "I was singing out high on a mountain". The irony of it is that according to physical geography there are no mountains in Latvia. So what's exactly the place where the Latvians are "singing out"? It may be safely said now that it's the same place where they are skiing. That's how we make mountains out of molehills... Snow-covered mountains, to be sure.