My Dog Killer / Môj pes Killer (Slovakia/Czech Republic, 2013)

directed by Mira Fornay , drama, 90 min, eng subtitles
written by Mira Fornay
with Adam Mihál, Irena Bendová, Libor Filo, Marián Kuruc

Marek is 18. He lives with his father in a small town on the border between Moravia and Slovakia, where time stands still and strangers are not welcome. His only true friend is his dog, Killer. Neglected by his family, Marek has found an illusory escape in the company of a gang of skinheads. But when his long lost mother and his little half-brother appear in his life, Marek faces a terrible dilemma...

In her film, which won, among other awards, the main prize at Rotterdam film festival this year, the young Slovak director Mira Fornay uses a very ascetic documentary style with native non-actors and no music or effects added to deliver a powerful and disturbing social drama about bad choices and missed opportunities.

Rotterdam IFF 2013 (Hivos Tiger Award)
Vilnius IFF 2013 (Best Director)
München FF 2013 (CineVision Award)
Zerkalo IFF 2013 (Best Director)
Finále Plzeň FF 2013 (Best Film, Best Actor)
Titanic FF 2013 (Special Jury Award)