Tango Abrazos / Vaje v objemu (Slovenia, 2012)

directed by Metod Pevec, drama/comedy, 89 min, eng subtitles
written by Metod Pevec
with Jana Zupančič, Uroš Fürst, Pia Zemljič, Primož Pirnat

Tjaša and Lena manage to entice their long-time partners to tango classes. After some resistance, the men grudgingly accept the idea. Both couples look very stable and committed, tango, however, stirs things up a bit. It turns out that the four protagonists are "physically" better matched in the opposite combinations. This surprising dance harmony and spontaneity kindles the first feelings of jealousy. The two men begin to treat the lessons much more enthusiastically than expected and their female counterparts try to be more pleasant and appealing than would be necessary for their own partners. All four begin to take a dangerous interest in each other which escalates when they decide to spend New Year's Eve together...

"Dance is my eternal temptation. I can hardly make a movie without a dance scene. This time the story is literally paced in the rhythm of tango. Still, Tango Abrazos is not a dance movie, it is a film about relationships. On the other hand, the relationship and chemistry between tango dancers is the fundamental philosophy of tango." (Metod Pevec)

Festival of Slovenian Film 2012 (Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress)

With the support of the Slovenian Embassy in Brussels