Some Secrets / Vŭlet (Czech Republic, 2002)

directed by Alice Nellis, comedy, 102 min, eng subtitles
written by Alice Nellis
with Iva Janžurová, Theodora Remundová, Igor Bareš, Sabina Remundová

A dark and absurd road-movie comedy in which the grandmother fulfils her dream, the mother stops treating her daughters like kids, the daughters stop treating their husbands like idiots, and the father's ashes get spread all over the country. The main characters are taken away from their everyday routine, put together in the enclosed spaces of their cars and sent to a destination that for each of them has a totally different meaning. Through a series of sometimes comic, sometimes tragic situations the family has to find out that the only way to solve their current problems is to face up to their past. All the little secrets and lies piled up in the family history start to fall apart and reveal serious wounds and misunderstandings. A bitter-sweet symphony we all know very well from our own families...


Czech Lion 2002 (Best Screenplay, Best Leading Actress, Film Critics´ Award)
IFF San Sebastian, Spain 2002 (New Directors Award)
Sundance International Screenwriting festival, USA 2002 (New Directors' Prize)