Saturday 12 October from 19.00 Melusina (full presentation)
Female vocal magic in various styles and Balkan energy mix by a DJ with a trumpet

Yellow Sisters is a Czech female a cappella quartet with a purely self-composed repertoire inspired mostly by jazz, soul, funk, R'n'B, reggae and world music vibes. They like to experiment with their voice and rhythm, always striving to surprise the audience with inventive twists and creative musical arrangements. Since they started performing together in 2005, Yellow Sisters have released three CDs (Singalana in 2006, Tubab Woman in 2010 and Zvìøinec in 2012). Tubab Woman made it to an international hit-parade Spin The Globe's Top 10 World Music Albums in June 2010, alongside such names as Gotan Project and Salif Keita.

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With the support of Czech Centre

Boris Viande

The ‘improbable and indefinable' DJ Boris Viande, performing with a trumpet, based in Paris, has been playing since 2006 all over Europe from weddings and small bars to big clubs and festivals. Currently he is on the road with the ‘Balkan Boombastic Tour' promoting his third EP. Boris plays live trumpet whilst deejaying an eclectic mix of what he calls "Balkan music, gypsy, latino, italo, russkij, celtic, rubadubstep, drumnbrass, rude boy, kamikaze, franchouillard acoustic pogo..." Lots of influences (although Balkan and Gypsy clearly dominate), lots of experimentation and above all lots of contagious joy and energy!

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19.00: Generation Singles
21.00: Yellow Sisters live
22:30: Balkan party with DJ Boris Viande



(cinematic concert)

Wednesday 16 October at 20.30 Cinémathèque (full presentation)

Live soundtrack to short films by G.Méliès and original compositions

The Polish band Ma³e Instru-menty ("small instruments") explores new sounds by using a wide variety of small instruments and musical objects. The instruments used in their sonic experiments run the whole spectrum of miniature professional instruments, from sonic toys made for children to novel musical concoctions and a whole array of small items that aren't really instruments but do make sounds. Their curiosity leads them on stunning musical journeys off the beaten paths and the music created in this way produces a unique palette of sounds that can be at once beautiful and harmonious but also surprising and dissonant, without in any way compromising on its rich resonance.
For the first time in Luxembourg, Ma³e Instrumenty is bringing a varied and eclectic repertoire: the performance will be a mosaic, made up of a ciné-concert with live music to accompany five short films by Georges Méliès, some original arrangements of well-known film music, their own compositions as well as some improvisations. The programme includes the following films:
Le tripot clandestin / The scheming gamblers paradise (1906)
La sirène / The mermaid (1904)
La chrysalide et le papillon / The brahmin and butterfly (1901)
Au clair de la lune / A moonlight serenade (1904)
Le compositeur toqué / The crazy composer (1905)

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Saturday 19 October from 19.00 Melusina (full presentation)

Concert of a top Estonian rock band followed by club music served by Latvian DJs

Tanel Padar is one of the best-known and most popular Estonian singer-songwriters and so far the only Estonian to win the Eurovision song contest (2001). With his band, The Sun, Tanel Padar plays over 100 concerts each year and enjoy a massive following in his homeland and increasing interest in other Baltic States and Scandinavia. Their repertoire spans various styles: pop/hard/soft-rock, sweet (but out-there!) ballads, even a vigorous clash of metal and, of course, some good old rock'n'roll to please the dudes. Tanel Padar and The Sun have opened for Metallica, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and many more and, with a respectable on-tour mileage on the dial, the band is considered to be one of the best live acts of all time in Estonia. web video

Alise Ģelze vs. Riga Disco Blitz DJs

DJ party - Alise Ģelze vs. Riga Disco Blitz DJs (Latvia, club music)

A bunch of Latvian DJs armed with the hottest international club music will take over after the gig and get you moving. Alise Ģelze, a film producer and renowned Riga DJ, will share some of her tasteful selections of bittersweet electronic pop music and the Luxembourg-based collec-tive Riga Disco Blitz will add some funky disco, house and more to the mix. Alise's soundcloud


19.00: The Other Dream Team
21.00: Tanel Padar & The Sun live
22:30: DJs Alise Ģelze vs. Riga Disco Blitz


The Baltic Night is supported by the Honorary Consuls of Estonia (Lex Thielen), Latvia (Henri Diederich) and Lithuania (Robert Wagener) in Luxembourg.
Organised in collaboration with the Luxembourgish Estonian Society, Luxembourg-Lettonie asbl and La communauté des lituaniens au Luxembourg asbl



Closing event of CinEast 2013

Saturday 26 October from 19.00 Sang & Klang (full presentation)

Bulgarian pop diva live in concert accompanied by The Funky Miracle Band

Milenita is one of the rare Bulgarian women singers writing her own music and lyrics. Her style is difficult to frame - cool retro, funky jazz, upbeat electro, non-commercial pop, with a velvet feminine touch. Having grown up in Spain and Mexico, Milenita often sings in Spanish, as well as in Bulgarian, English and even Serbian. Fresh and original, Milenita is irresistibly charming! She became popular in Bulgaria with her hit song "Black Cats" and has released two albums so far: Do it Again (2005) and Gato (2010). The third one is on its way! Milenita is coming with her young and vibrant The Funky Miracle Band.
So bring your dance shoes and get ready to go funky!

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The Luxembourg-based DJ Mozayka, who used to play music on the Radio Bez Kitu (a radio station in Poland) as well as Fúzió Radio (Hungary), will deliver a soulful mix of club tunes with a unique female touch.


19.00: Lora from Morning till Evening
21.00: Milenita & The Funky Miracle Band live
22:30: DJ party by DJ Mozayka



Organised in collaboration with

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