The Way Out / Cesta ven
Czech Republic, France 2014

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directed by Petr Václav, drama, 102 min, eng subtitles written by Petr Václav
with Klaudia Dudová, David Ištok, Natálie Hlaváčová

The Way Out tells a story of a young Roma couple, Žaneta and David, who are the parents of little Janička. Their efforts to live a decent and dignified life run up against the “Roma social trap,” which is racism, society prejudices, exclusion from opportunities to get a real job, the lack of necessary qualifications, difficult communication with officials, debts and the miserable living conditions of that environment, the lifestyle and traditional values of their community. David wants to protect his family, even at the expense of committing a crime. But Žaneta finds the inner strength to defy the adverse situation in a different way. Will they overcome the existential problems that start to pull their relationship apart? Is it worthwhile for them to continue to honour their own values and family traditions? And will their “way out” be just another “escape” for them, or a way of really changing their lives? The first Czech feature presented at Cannes IFF after a gap of 16 years, shot with non-professional actors.

Cannes IFF 2014 (ACID section)
Art Film Fest 2014 (Best Film, Best Actress)

Bohême du Nord en 2013. Žaneta, une jeune femme rom prétend à une vie ordinaire, ce qui s'avère être une entreprise de fou pour une gitane. À armes inégales, elle doit se battre pour intégrer une société majoritairement hostile. Et préserver malgré tout sa dignité et son amour. Premier long métrage tchèque présenté à Cannes depuis 16 ans, tourné avec des acteurs non professionnels. 

Cannes IFF 2014 (ACID section) 
Art Film Fest 2014 (Best Film, Best Actress)