Romania 2013

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directed by Doru Nițescu, drama, 89 min, eng subtitles written by Tudor Voican, Doru Nițescu
with Rodica Lazãr, Adrian Titieni, Maia Morgenstern, Iulia Lupașcu

Mariana and Puiu live in a small village in the mountains with their two children. Their little girl, Carmen, who can no longer smile, is found to be very ill. One doctor alone, Sitaru, believes he can perform a miracle and save Carmen’s life. Struggling for her daughter, abandoned by almost everybody she trusts, Mariana will do and give anything to save her child. After Dr. Sitaru operates on the little girl, filled with risk, Carmen begins to feel increasingly worse. Is there any hope left? While one life is ending, another one begins to flicker... A moving depiction of a mother’s desperate fight against her daughter’s illness, shedding light on the precarious state of the Romanian health care system.

Sarajevo IFF 2013 (Official Competition)
Beijing IFF 2014 (Official Competition)

Carmen, la jeune fille de Mariana, souffre d'une maladie grave. Dans une tentative désespérée pour sauver son enfant et abandonnée par son entourage, Mariana fait tout ce qu'elle peut pour convaincre les médecins de l'opérer. Cette histoire émouvante de la lutte désespérée d’une mère contre la maladie de sa fille fait apparaître la précarité du système de santé publique roumain. 

Sarajevo IFF 2013 (Official Competition)
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