The Mighty Angel / Pod Mocnym Anio³em
Poland 2014

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directed by Wojtek Smarzowski, drama, 105 min, eng subtitles written by Wojtek Smarzowski
with Robert Wiêckiewicz, Julia Kijowska, Jacek Braciak, Andrzej Grabowski

Jerzy (Robert Wiêckiewicz) is a writer and a heavy drinker. We meet him at the point when he believes that he can overcome his addiction. He falls in love with a young girl (Julia Kijowska) and feels that finally he has met the right person and the reason to live for. But soon he yields to his addiction. One day Jerzy heads to The Mighty Angel tavern, where he starts his drinking session. Then he buys more alcohol from a night shop and goes back to his flat to carry on drinking. Incessantly. “The Mighty Angel” is a story about the downfall of a man bound by his addiction in a difficult and at times tragic fight for survival. A story of despair, hope, one more downfall, great determination and light at the end of the tunnel in the form of reciprocated love for a woman, who is the last chance for a return to normal life and escaping the scourge of addiction.

Prowincjonalia Festival 2014 (Best Actor)

Le nouveau film de Wojtek Smarzowski (The Wedding, Dark House, Rose, Highway Patrol) raconte l’histoire de Jerzy, ecrivain et alcoolique. Adaptation d’un roman de Jerzy Pilch, célèbre ecrivain polonais, The Mighty Angel est une histoire choquante sur l’alcoolisme et les tentatives de le surmonter – et sur l'amour, qui pourrait tout sauver. C'est l'histoire de la chute d'un homme qui lutte pour la survie, d'un espoir de guérison, d'une rechute et d'un nouveau espoir. Smarzowski fidèle à sa réputation frappe encore un grand coup. mes sensibles s'abstenir. 

Prowincjonalia Festival 2014 (Best Actor)