Czech Republic 2014

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directed by Ondøej Sokol, black comedy, 119 min, eng subtitles written by Ondøej Sokol, Martin Finger, Petr Vydra
with Ondøej Sokol, Martin Finger, Jana Krausová, Karel Roden, Zuzana Stavná

Michal and Adam are childhood friends coming back to their hometown, Šumperk, after 20 years. Michal's mother has been dead for several years and Michal's father dies on the day they return. The only thing that's left is the feeling that something bad has happened, the anger, the sadness without knowing the truth. His father's new wife (now a widow) behaves suspiciously, which encourages Michal and Adam to try to find out more. They decide to get to the bottom of the mystery. The wheels of unstoppable disaster turn faster and faster. Life is never black and white. And shades of grey are hard to solve. Despite the grim lines above, the movie is, or at least should be, a comedy. Funny... in a Czech way. Where and how can one hire a hitman in a small Czech town?

Krasno est un lac situé près de la petite ville tchèque de Šumperk. Il y a quelques années, une femme a été retrouvée morte dans ce lac dans des circonstances non élucidées. Son fils Michal y retourne avec son ami d'enfance Adam et, ensemble, aux prises avec des habitants étranges et la malchance, ils tentent de résoudre le mystère. Un film drôle... à la façon tchèque.