Project Cancer
Slovenia 2013

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directed by Damjan Kozole, documentary, 91 min, eng subtitles written by Tevž Logar
with Frank Uwe Laysiepen (Ulay), Marina Abramoviæ, Chrissie Iles, Chris Dercon

The camera follows Ulay, a radical conceptual artist from Amsterdam, for a whole year. Ulay has been a pioneer of body art, performance art and polaroid art; he was a transvestite, a half man - half woman, a social activist ..., but he is most famous for his long years of collaboration with Marina Abramoviæ and their performances that have achieved iconic status. In 2009, Ulay moved to Ljubljana. When talks and plans on the film were already under way, Ulay was diagnosed with cancer, and all the plans changed. The first scenes were shot in November 2011 at the Ljubljana Institute of Oncology, where Ulay was receiving chemotherapy. When his health slightly improved, he decided to visit his friends around the world and the camera followed him on this so called farewell journey: to Berlin for the premiere of Marina's film, then to New York and finally to »his« Amsterdam. Ulay treats this illness as his biggest and most important project ever, hence the title of the film Project: Cancer.

Organised in collaboration with Mudam

Pendant une année entière la caméra suit Ulay, un artiste conceptuel radical d'Amsterdam, et les premières prises commencent peu après qu’il ait été diagnostiqué d'un cancer. Ulay a été un pionnier de l'art corporel, du performance art et du polaroid art; un travesti mi-homme mi-femme, un activiste social ..., mais il est surtout connu pour sa collaboration avec Marina Abramoviæ – leurs performances ont atteint un statut iconique.

Organisé en collaboration avec Mudam