The Wall / Die Mauer
Germany 1990

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directed by Jürgen Böttcher, documentary, 99 min, eng subtitles

This unconventional documentary highlights the Berlin Wall, its last days, and its highly anticipated destruction. Both seemingly banal and historical moments are captured and presented without verbal commentary. On the broken-down Wall, memorable motion-picture footage was projected - from Emperor Wilhelm's ride through the Brandenburg Gate, the torch-lit procession of the Nazis, the well-known filming of an East German policeman jumping over barbed wire into the West as the Wall was being built, to the fall of the Wall. The images are shown with a painter's sensitivity, shot against the acoustic backdrop of construction equipment, curious masses, and a relentless media. This masterpiece reflects the soul of Berlin.

Ce documentaire original met en lumière l’histoire du mur de Berlin et en particulier ses derniers jours et sa destruction tant attendue. Des moments de la vie quotidienne alternent avec des moments historiques et sont présentés sans aucun commentaire verbal. Un film qui reflète l'âme de Berlin et l'âme de cette époque.