Aliette Armel


Aliette Armel (* 1951) is a French novelist, essayist and literary critic. She has published, among other things, a biography of Michel Leiris and two essays on Marguerite Duras. She is also the author of the Voyage de Bilqîs (Autrement, 2002), which won the Prix Ouest in 2002 and was translated into several languages. She has been writing for Magazine littéraire since 1984 and has published hundreds of reviews (mostly of French novels). She has conducted major interviews with more than 30 authors including Marguerite Duras, Peter Handke, Ahmadou Kourouma, Agota Kristof, René de Obaldia Andre Pieyre Mandiargues, George Steiner, Daniel Pennac, José Saramago and Gao Xingjian.