The festival continues its tradition of organising a special Charity Project in 2014. Thanks to your contributions last year a shelter for women seeking refuge in the Czech Republic due to domestic violence was able to buy new security doors.


Since we are all closely following the situation in Ukraine, this year we have decided to give a helping hand to this country in turmoil and invite you to express solidarity. The CinEast 2014 charity project will support an orphanage in the village of Udaitsi located in the northern part of Ukraine, around 150 km from Kiev (Prylutskyi region). The orphanage is dedicated to children with learning difficulties and mental problems and also functions as their school. There are about 50 children who live and study in this establishment. We are in contact with the director Mykolai Kalujniy.


With your contributions we would like to make the lives of the children living there a bit more cheerful and enjoyable. We are planning to buy a projector and a screen for the orphanage as well as collections of cartoons and animated films so that the children can enjoy some memorable times during the long winter. It would be a Christmas present, which they don’t usually get many of. If there are any funds left, a ping-pong table and some smaller, individual presents are on the list too. The projector would be used for entertainment as well as studying purposes as a teaching tool. We guarantee that 100% of the funds collected will be used to buy these presents and to ensure maximum transparency we plan to deliver the presents ourselves and report to you first hand.


You can support this initiative in many ways. You can put your donations in one of our piggy banks available in the main venues. They will be publicly smashed open and your donations will be counted by volunteers at the Cinémathèque during the last festival screening (26/10). You will also be able to support the project by purchasing photos from the “So Far So Close” exhibition on the same evening and in the days following the end of the festival. You can also help by simply purchasing the festival pass, a t-shirt or bag – 1 or 2 EUR from every purchase goes to the charity project automatically.



Thanks to the contributions in cinemas and purchases of the photos from the festival's exhibition we managed to collect 4633 EUR! With this money we bought a projector, a screen, a ping pong table, tablets and various games, toys and materials for the children from the orphanage of Udaitsi, based on a list provided by the director (shopping list here). You can have a look at photos from Udaitsi and read the "thank you" letter from the director. The remaining part of the contribution was spent on the purchase of medical equipment ordered by the orphanage, which will be used by children living in the establishment (see photos of the equipment, bank transfer note and invoice).

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