Meet the Balkan cultures and eat some Balkan culinary specialties
tickets: free entrance, dinner 10/12 E (with/without pass)

This special event will be a unique opportunity to discover various aspects of this lesser known European region: traditions, food, cinema, music and more.

Take part in our quiz and learn more about the Balkan countries and their inhabitants. Enjoy some genuine, traditional Balkan meals, such as begova čorba, sarma or baklava, in the form of a whole menu or just a dish of your choice. Attend a live cooking presentation of Balkan traditional burek and take the opportunity to taste other regional dishes. Take a deeper look into the lives of people from this region through a selection of short films:


BALCONY / BALLKONI by Lendita Zeqiraj (Kosovo 2013, 20 min)

An observation of the authentic mindset of present day Kosovar society, which may quickly deviate into an absurd situation


DOWN ON THE CORNER / KOD ĆOŠKA by Nikola Ilić & Corina Schwingruber Ilić (Serbia/Switzerland 2013, 15 min), a short documentary that shows a typical Serbian village’s corner store – the meeting point of all those who didn't emigrate. No work, no money, but a lot of humour and friendship.


DROP BY SOMETIME / NAMINI BAR EDNASH by Kosara Mitić (Macedonia 2012, 14 min), starting out as a typical thriller, the film turns into a true and sincere romance by the end.

During the evening you will also be invited to explore different types of Balkan music and to finish the evening on the dance floor moving to the unmistakable Balkan rhythms.

Join us and (m)eat the Balkans with CinEast!

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