Warsaw Uprising / Powstanie Warszawskie
Poland 2014

Info Trailer

directed by Jan Komasa, documentary fiction, 85 min, eng subtitles written by Joanna Pawluœkiewicz, Jan O³dakowski, Piotr C. Œliwowski
with Maciej Nawrocki, Micha³ ¯urawski, Miros³aw Zbrojewicz

Monday 12.10.2015 - 18.30, Neimënster (Salle Krieps)
Wednesday 14.10.2015 - 20.00, Ancien Cinéma

Warsaw, 1944. Two brothers, cinematographers from the Information and Propaganda Office of the Polish Resistance, are commissioned to document the course of events of the Uprising. They want to show the ‘real’ war and will do anything to accompany one of the divisions, but that’s not an easy task. Chased away by the soldiers who do not tolerate journalists, the brothers first portray life away from the front: baking bread, kitchen work, gun manufacture. But gradually they enter deeper and deeper – metaphorically and literally – into the heart of the Uprising.

Warsaw Uprising is the first ever non-fiction war drama whose plot was constructed entirely out of original footage filmed in August 1944. Applying the modern method of colorisation and audio reconstruction, tracking down all details (even the fabric dyes used at the time and the type of food served at the resistance canteens) as well as ensuring the cooperation of the best artists – this is a unique project which has no equal anywhere in the world.

Polish Film Awards, ‘Eagles’, 2015 (Best Documentary Film)
MPSE 2015 (Golden Reel for best sound and music editing)

arsovie 1944. Deux jeunes cadreurs tentent de documenter l'insurrection. Chassés par les soldats qui ne tolèrent aucun journaliste, les frères se rabattent sur la vie loin du front : la cuisson du pain, le travail dans les cuisines, la fabrication des armes. Absorbés par la recherche des meilleurs plans, ils entrent sans s’en rendre compte au cœur du conflit, avec tout ce qu’il contient d’infernal et d’apocalyptique. Le premier long métrage  sur le sujet réalisé entièrement à partir d’images documentaires.

Polish Film Awards, ‘Eagles’, 2015 (Best Documentary Film)
MPSE 2015 (Golden Reel for best sound and music editing)

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