Body / Cia³o
Poland 2015

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directed by Ma³gorzata Szumowska, black comedy, drama, 92 min, eng subtitles written by Ma³gorzata Szumowska, Micha³ Englert
with Janusz Gajos, Maja Ostaszewska, Justyna Suwa³a

Thursday 8.10.2015 - 19.00, Neimënster (Salle Krieps)
Sunday 18.10.2015 - 16.30, Cinématheque

Present-day Poland, with scandals emerging in the newspapers. A busy criminal prosecutor and recently widowed alcoholic is worried that his daughter might try to harm herself. Olga – anorexic and still grieving over her recently deceased mother. And Anna, her psychiatrist, who realised after her little son’s death that she possesses the power to communicate with the dead. The intertwined stories of three characters with radically different approaches to the body – a prosecutor confronting death in his daily work, a sick woman who hates her appearance and an alternative therapist who doesn’t care about physicality and is searching for a kind of spiritual body.

Having won an award at the Berlinale, this is an unconventional combination of seriousness and humour, mystical drama and the grotesque. It is a story about the inextricable link between mind and body, grief after losing a loved one and different ways of dealing with it.

Berlinale 2015 (Silver Bear for Best Director)
Kino Pavasaris IFF Vilnius 2015 (Best Actor)

Une étude de la corporéité à travers l'histoire d'un procureur alcoolique qui vit à Varsovie, de sa fille anorexique et de sa thérapeute qui affirme pouvoir communiquer avec les morts. Trois personnages dans un conte à la fois émouvant et drôle où se confrontent la foi et le scepticisme, l’espoir et le désespoir, l'amour et la haine. Trois approches en apparence incompatibles de l’âme et du corps.

Berlinale 2015 (Ours d'argent du meilleur réalisateur)
Kino Pavasaris IFF Vilnius 2015 (Meilleur acteur)