The Reaper / Kosac
Croatia, Slovenia 2014

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directed by Zvonimir Juriæ, drama, 98 min, eng subtitles written by Zvonimir Juriæ, Jelena Paljan
with Ivo Gregureviæ, Igor Kovaè, Mirjana Karanoviæ, Nikola Ristanovski

Wednesday 14.10.2015 - 18:30, Cinématheque

A woman runs out of petrol on a deserted road after dark. Ivo, a man in his sixties with a gloomy past, comes to help. Josip, who works at a petrol station nearby, calls the police when he sees the two together. Krešo is one of the policemen who answers his call. Despite having to deal with a difficult family situation, he leaves the house to check what is going on. How is this night going to end?

This psychological drama explores the consequences of the past, Ivo’s stigma and a community forever marked by the horrors of war. Ivo Gregureviæ plays the main character with subtle intensity - his Ivo could just as well be a decent person, but retains an air of danger for the viewer, just as he does for the other characters in the film.

Pula FF 2014 (Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Croatian Film)

Une femme tombe en panne d’essence sur une route déserte à la nuit tombée. Ivo, la soixantaine et un sombre passé, accourt à son aide. Josip, qui travaille à la station d’essence, aperçoit les deux personnes ensemble et appelle aussitôt la police. Krešo décroche et se rend sur les lieux. Comment cette nuit se terminera-t-elle ? Ce drame psychologique explore les conséquences du passé, tant la stigmatisation d’Ivo que les effets dramatiques de la guerre sur la communauté.

Pula FF 2014 (Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Croatian Film)