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Slovenia 2015

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directed by Metod Pevec, documentary, 82 min, eng subtitles written by Metod Pevec

Sunday 18.10.2015 - 21.00, Ciné Utopia

Home; the centre, an everyday haven, a temple of small habits. This documentary film focuses on the very opposite of these pleasant connotations. As a result of privatisation, a five-storey building with three entrances, originally built as a temporary workers’ home mainly for guest construction workers from Bosnia, is now shared by nineteen owners. Those living there came to Slovenia as young men and spent 30 years working on various construction sites throughout Slovenia. When the construction companies they worked for went bankrupt, they lost everything. The first floor is occupied by adolescents who escaped from their dysfunctional families and are now growing up under the supervision of their fosterers. A few tenants found refuge here after being evicted from their former apartments. Most of the residents’ accommodation just comprises a bed and not much else. Nobody calls it home; they all thought it would be just a temporary solution, but sometimes this temporary state drags on endlessly. As well as social marginalisation they have something else in common: their stories.

The director Metod Pevec (a CinEast guest in 2013) spent a year in daily contact with the inhabitants of the building and has managed to capture authentic portraits of people in difficult life situations.

With the support of the Slovenian Embassy in Brussels


La maison est le centre, le paradis quotidien, le temple des petites habitudes. Ce documentaire interroge les connotations diamétralement opposées que la maison peut avoir. Les locataires de cet immeuble de cinq étages ne l’appellent pas « maison ». Ils pensaient tous que ce serait une solution temporaire, mais parfois le temporaire s’éternise. Outre la marginalisation sociale, ils ont une autre chose en commun : leurs histoires.

Le réalisateur, Metod Pevec (invité de CinEast en 2013), a passé un an aux côtés des habitants de l’immeuble et dresse des portraits authentiques de ces personnes qui vivent des situations difficiles.

Avec le soutien de l'Ambassade de Slovénie à Bruxelles

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yqqXSAgGC8 http://www.vertigo.si/en/filmi/Dom/ http://www.vertigo.si/en/filmi/Dom/izjava.html http://www.vertigo.si/en/ekipa/metod-pevec.html