Self- Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter/ Autoportretul unei fete cuminti
Romania 2015

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directed by Ana Lungu, comedy, drama, 81 min, eng subtitles written by Ana Lungu
with Elena Popa, Emilian Oprea, Andrei Enache, Iris Spiridon

Wednesday 14.10.2015 - 21.00, Ciné Utopia
Saturday 17.10.2015 - 20.00, Cinématheque

Cristiana is 30 years old and spends her time writing her PhD about Earthquake Engineering and chatting with her best friends. She is also having an affair with a married man. She’s quite confused about her life and has difficulty in becoming independent from her parents, middle-class people who keep helping her financially. After her parents move out of the family apartment and into a new house, she decides to get a dog. It is something that she wanted ever since she was a child and now that she lives on her own she can finally fulfill this wish. Through casual daily situations the camera paints an authentic psychological portrait of the main character, who hopes for change but does not know exactly what to do with her life. A familiar dilemma for the whole 30+ generation of today.

Bucharest IFF 2015 (Best Director, Audience Award)
Crossing EuropeFF 2014 (Best Fiction Film)

Cristiana, 30 ans, passe son temps entre la rédaction de son doctorat et des conversations avec ses meilleurs amis. Elle a aussi une liaison avec un homme marié. Cristiana ne sait pas quoi faire de sa vie et a du mal à se détacher de ses parents qui la soutiennent financièrement. En montrant des moments du quotidien, la caméra dresse un portrait psychologique authentique de Cristiana, qui aspire au changement sans savoir dans quelle direction aller. Un dilemme auquel sont confrontés nombre de trentenaires aujourd’hui.

Bucharest IFF 2015 (Best Director, Audience Award)
Crossing EuropeFF 2014 (Best Fiction Film)