Latvia, Germany, Greece 2014

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directed by Juris Kursietis, drama, 98 min, eng subtitles written by Juris Kursietis
with Kristers Pikša, Rēzija Kalniņa

Monday 12.10.2015 - 18.30, Cinématheque

Modris is a regular 17-year-old with a girlfriend and some good pals at school. But his addiction to gambling makes his relationship with his mother difficult, especially since she keeps on reminding him that his father is in prison - so Modris must have inherited his bad genes.

Things come to a head in the middle of the winter when Modris pawns his mother’s electric heater so he can play the slot machines. She reports him to the police, and as he begins his adventures in the Latvian justice system, his relationship with the outside world changes. Soon Modris becomes determined to find the father he never knew. A psychological film about a dysfunctional family and the search for a lost father.

San Sebastian IFF 2014 (Best New Director)
Tbilisi IFF 2014 (Best Director)
Latvian National Film Awards (Best Debut, Best Supporting Actress)

Modris, 17 ans, a une copine et de bons amis à l’école, mais son addiction pour les jeux d’argent rend difficile la relation avec sa mère, surtout lorsqu’elle lui rappelle que son père est en prison et qu’il a peut-être hérité de ses mauvais gènes.

Un film psychologique sur une famille dysfonctionnelle et sur la recherche du père.

San Sebastian IFF 2014 (Meilleur nouveau réalisateur)
Tbilisi IFF 2014 (Meilleur réalisateur)
Latvian National Film Awards (Meilleur Debut, Meilleure actrice dans un second rôle)