Ukraine 2015

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directed by Anastasia Mateshko, drama, 70 min, eng subtitles written by Anastasia Mateshko, Natalya Pereverzeva
with Larysa Rusnak, Volodymyr Goriansky, Sebastian Anton, Ostap Stupka, Dmytro Surzhikov

Monday 12.10.2015 - 20.30, Neimënster (Salle Krieps)

In a minefield there is a run-down house, and in its barn some people are awaiting death. Two “apostles of death” must at any cost worm a precious secret out of a downed pilot. When this is accomplished they will kill him and the rest of the captives on the spot. The torture didn’t succeed. They tried killing prisoners one-by–one, but that didn’t succeed either. The execution itself is governed by some kind of roulette. There‘s no point in digging frozen soil, it’s much easier to run the captives through the minefield, and let‘s bet on their survival that way! As a last resort, the guards and executioners plant a woman in the barn as a decoy, one woman they “had fun” with. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! There’s still some time before dawn. The frontline is too near…


L'histoire d'un homme qui se transforme en bête après avoir été poussé au désespoir. Une tentative d'explorer les limites de ce qu'une personne peut supporter, les tortures et l'indignité qu'il peut surmonter. Combien de personnes peut-il tuer pour en sauver une? 

L'histoire dure d'un groupe de captifs enfermés dans une grange par deux hommes impitoyables pendant la guerre en Ukraine.