Bulgaria 2014

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directed by Diana Ivanova, documentary, 76 min, eng subtitles written by Diana Ivanova

Wednesday 14.10.2015 - 18.30, Neimënster (Salle Krieps)
Tuesday 20.10.2015 - 20.00, Ancien Cinéma

The film tells the forgotten story of one of the most dangerous enemies of communist Bulgaria – the US-funded Radio Free Europe. The first 20 years of Radio Free Europe were funded by the CIA and this fact, although that period ended in 1971, overshadows the radio for years after that. For the Bulgarian State Security the radio remained the biggest enemy of communist Bulgaria till 1989. Why was Radio Free Europe so dangerous and why did it become a legend for several generations?

Listen presents different stories - personal recollections of RFE journalists and listeners, Bulgarian State Security Operatives, Agents and US Security Directors. The film also features for the first time, archive material from official Bulgarian and US propaganda as well as Bulgarian State Security internal archives. The result is a new and unexpected picture of a volatile Bulgaria before the fall of Communism in 1989.

L’histoire d’un des plus dangereux ennemis des pays communistes – la Radio Free Europe, financée par les Etats-Unis. Pour la Sécurité d’Etat du gouvernement communiste de la Bulgarie, cette radio est restée une ennemie jusqu’en 1989. Pourquoi Radio Free Europe était si dangereuse et comment est-elle devenue une légende pour de nombreuses générations ? http://Чуй-Listen/585109204948110?sk=info&tab=page_info