Off The Beaten Track
Ireland, Romania 2011

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directed by Dieter Auner, documentary, 87 min, eng subtitles written by Dieter Auner

Wednesday 14.10.2015 - 19.00, Ciné Utopia


The film chronicles one year in the life of Albin, the shepherd, and his family in the north of Transylvania. In direct cinema style, this documentary follows their daily routines and their struggle to adapt to a new world where traditions are gradually being replaced by modern values. Since joining the EU, Romania has come under, like several other Eastern European countries, the pressure of modern values, introducing into farmer's lives the cruel notion of competition, the temptation of migrating to higher salaries abroad, and the marginalisation of locally produced food against industrial products.

Jahorina FF 2011 (Grand Prix)
Astra IFF 2011 (Special Award for Romanian Documentary)

With the support of the Film Fund Luxembourg

Une année dans la vie de Albin et de sa famille de bergers dans le nord de la Transilvania. Dans le style du cinéma direct, ce documentaire suit leur routine quotidienne et leur lutte pour s’adapter à un monde nouveau dans lequel les traditions sont petit à petit remplacées par les valeurs modernes.

Jahorina FF 2011 (Grand Prix)
Astra IFF 2011 (Prix spécial du documentaire roumain)

Avec le soutien du Film Fund Luxembourg