Gábor Hörcher


Gábor Hörcher (1980) is a Hungarian film-maker. He studied psychology, law and film  and has worked as a waiter in London and a bartender in Greece. He has lived in the US, France and Cambodia, where he taught courses on Human Rights at a local university. Involved in film-making since 2008, he runs the Kraats Film company, together with Marcell Iványi, that produces films and theatre performances. Gábor’s first feature film project, Drifter, won the Robert Bosch Co-production Prize in 2011 and premiered at IDFA winning Best First Appearance Award in 2014. His fiction short film titled Ricsi premiered at Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival and, shortly after, won Best Hungarian Short Fiction Prize at Mediawave Film Festival in 2015.