Magdalena Czerwińska


Polish actor, graduate of the prestigious State Drama School in KraKów. She has played numerous roles in Polish films, such as The Mole (R. Lewandowski), The Mighty Angel (W. Smarzowski), Daas (A. Pank), Love (S. Fabicki) and Polish-Russian War by Xawery Zulawski.  More recently she has been in two films being screened at CinEast 2015 – Gods by Lukasz Palkowski and A Grain of Truth by Borys Lankosz.  In her theatre repertoire, the most significant plays were Our Class directed by Ondrej Spisak and Dostoevsky’s Idiot directed by Igor Gorzkowski. She has been in TV theatre productions, such as P. Zelenka’s Side effects, directed by Leszek Dawid, and Kontrym (M.Pruchniewski), directed by Marcin Fisher.