10 October at Melusina


Saturday 10 October from 20.00
Melusina (full presentation

Unorthodox klezmer music with a Balkan, punk and jazzy touch followed by Balkan dancefloor tunes!


Klezmafour comprises 5 (not 4) outstanding Polish musicians who share their love for traditional Eastern European Jewish klezmer music, updating it with contemporary jazz, Balkan, Arabic and even punk rock elements. The resulting unique blend of “then and now”, infused with masterful instrumentation (including instruments like the goblet drum and the futujara), infectious melodies and a big dose of youthful energy guarantees a joyful experience. Debuting in 2011 with their album 5th Element, the band released their latest opus W górę (Higher) in 2014, adding synthesisers and beats programming to the mix, making the sound even fresher, while still retaining the traditional folk feel. Having won two prizes at the prestigious Amsterdam International Jewish Music Festival and performed at numerous major festivals and clubs in Poland, as well as in the UK, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Turkey, the time has come to conquer Luxembourg!

Right after the show, DJ Kosta Kostov, the mastermind behind the monthly parties Balkan Express and Favela Blast, will take over the decks with his legendary blasts of rhythms and energy. Born in Bulgaria, based in Germany and at home around the world, the DJ and producer Kosta Kostov (who has played at Roskilde, Womex, Sziget... you name it) never stops searching for the best global tunes and his sets present a furious blend of sounds from here and there, including his own compositions, remixes and mashups, in which Balkan, Mediterranean, African as well as Brazilian rootsy flavours meet house, ragga, dubstep, funk and electro sounds. Be prepared for anything and everything!


LinksKlezmafour / videos / DJ Kosta Kostov / videos / tickets 


20.00 Klezmafour live in concert
22.30 Balkan party with DJ Kosta Kostov

20 October at Cinémathèque


Tuesday 20 October from 20.30
Cinémathèque (full presentation)

Live soundtrack to Innemann’s crazy 1927 comedy An Old Gangster’s Molls 


Neuvěřitelno, a trio of outstanding young Czech musicians, will perform a live soundtrack to the recently restored version of the silent film An Old Gangster’s Molls / Milenky starého kriminálníka by Svatopluk Innemann (1927), a comedy starring the famous Czech comedian Vlasta Burian. The band’s name translates as ‘The Unbelievable’ and their music is a mixture of styles such as rock, jazz, swing, blues, with elements of traditional folk and classical music. Having performed live scores to numerous films, the band ensures that their music accentuates the film’s message, is built around it, respects its soul and lets the images ‘breathe’. Neuvěřitelno use a range of instruments such as guitar, double bass, mandolin, drums and kalimba, but also explore the sounds of voices, percussion and all sorts of artefacts, some of which belong in the kitchen rather than to a band of musicians. They have performed with the film at various venues and festivals around Europe (Bonn, Warsaw, Pordenone, etc.) and this is their first ever performance in Luxembourg.


LinksNeuvěřitelno / concert teaser / tickets


With the support of the Czech Embassy in Luxembourg

17 October Neimënster (Salle Krieps)


Saturday 17 October from 20.00
Neimënster (full presentation)

A unique jazz event with the Grammy Award-winning jazz pianist

Włodek Pawlik, an extraordinary Polish jazz musician, film soundtrack composer and now also a Grammy winner,has cut 21 records under his own name to date and performed at many of the most notable and prestigious jazz and classical music festivals. An active composer of symphonic music, vocal-instrumental forms, ballet and jazz music, he is also well known for his theatrical and movie soundtracks, including Rewers by Borys Lankosz (screened at CinEast 2010) and Nightwatching by Peter Greenaway. Pawlik has won numerous prizes for his works, most notably the Grammy Award in the category Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album of 2014 for his record Night in Calisia – it was and still is the first Grammy award for Polish jazz ever. With Paweł Pańta on bass and Cezary Konrad on drums, Włodek Pawlik will present his newest album America, as well as some of his most famous film tunes and tracks from his Grammy Award-winning album.


Links: Włodek Pawlik / videos / tickets


Organised by CinEast and Neimënster  in collaboration with jail_0.png

24 October at Sang & Klang


Saturday 24 October from 19.30
Sang & Klang (full presentation)

East vs. West country clash! Come hungry, traditional food available. Dress code: anti-urban farming style!

Loads of fun guaranteed! With the concerts of two eccentric bands - the Freeborn Brothers (PL, gypsy hobo trash grass) and Sean & Zander (USA, folk, country, rock, bluegrass) – as well as Eastern European food and drinks, the Closing Event of CinEast 2015 should be as enjoyable as lounging on a stack of hay!


Freeborn Brothers play a dangerous mix of musical styles overflowing with energy and humour. Constantly touring Europe, the three-member Polish band played around 200 shows in 2014 in more than 14 countries. While their first album Two Man Orchestra (2013) featured highly energetic songs and some spooky waltz, the recent second collection, Gypsy Hobo Trash Grass, is a little more melodic, bursting with songs made with heart and soul.

Sean&Zander is an American duo comprising vocalist Sean Wheeler and multi-instrumentalist Zander Schloss. The twosome plays a hybrid of folk, country, pop, ragtime, bluegrass and gospel that boasts a good dose of energy and spirituality and is executed with a soulful dash of Americana charm not often heard west of the Mississippi.


Throughout the evening you can enjoy hearty Polish and Ukrainian dishes and snacks and a wide selection of drinks.


Links: Freeborn Brothers / videos / Sean&Zander / videos /


19.00 doors

20.30 Sean & Zander

22.00 Freeborn Brothers

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