Two Lottery Tickets / Douã lozuri
Romania 2016

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directed by Paul Negoescu, comedy, 86 min, eng subtitles written by Paul Negoescu
with Dorian Boguțã, Dragoș Bucur, Alexandru Papadopol

Thursday 13.10.2016 - 18.30, Neimënster (Salle Krieps)
Sunday 23.10.2016 - 16.30, Cinématheque

Dinel, Sile and Pompiliu are three companions who live in a provincial town. Dinel is a car mechanic at a garage, Pompiliu is a clerk at the county council, while Sile is a ‘freelancer’ (as a driver, a construction worker or a gravedigger, but more often than not unemployed). Always short of money, they try their luck and buy a lottery ticket. What a surprise when they learn that they have actually won the big lottery prize! But there is one small problem – their winning ticket gets lost. Hoping for a better future for all of them, they gather all the little money they have left and set off on a journey to recover their ticket. An entertaining, intelligent road-movie comedy about not exactly the most intelligent three friends.

Transylvania IFF 2016

Dinel, Sile et Pompiliu, trois amis fauchés d'une ville de province, gagnent le gros lot a la lotteie, mais il y a un petit problème – ils ont perdu leur billet gagnant. Dans l'espoir d'un avenir meilleur pour chacun d'eux, ils rassemblent le peu d'argent qu'il leur reste et partent pour tenter de récupérer leur laisser-passer vers une vie meilleure. Un divertissant et intelligente road movie commence alors, soumettant les trois amis à un certain nombre d'épreuves.

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