Mother (Ema) / Ema
Estonia 2016

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directed by Kadri Kousaar, crime, comedy, 89 min, eng subtitles written by Leana Jalukse, Al Wallcat
with Tiina Mälberg, Jaan Pehk, Andres Tabun

Thursday 13.10.2016 - 20.00, Ancien Cinéma
Sunday 16.10.2016 - 21.00, Ciné Utopia

Set in a small town in Eastern Estonia, Mother (Ema) is a homespun crime story about rash decisions made in the name of dreams that will have haunting consequences for some time to come. The film focuses on Elsa, a 50-year old woman, whose adult son is left in a coma after a shooting incident. Taking care of him at home, she has to face a whole town trying to solve the puzzle of exactly what happened. The array of suspects include a friend whose real estate business is failing, a girlfriend who has patiently waited for too long, a pupil in the throes of her first love and her potentially overprotective dad, a childhood friend who relies on medication to stay in control, a huntsman for whom the man was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and a school principle who has the hots for Elsa. But in a small town, where everyone knows everyone and everything except for what is right under their nose, the world’s clumsiest crime may go unsolved.

Filmfestival Kitzbühel 2016 (Best Feature Film)
Estonian nomination for Best Foreign Language Film (Oscars)

Elsa, une femme de 50 ans, vit dans une petite ville estonienne et prend soin de son fils adulte resté dans le coma après un accident de tir, tandis que toute la ville tente de résoudre l'enigme de ce qui est arrivé exactement. Une histoire de crime avec des éléments comiques qui nous parle de décisions irréfléchies faites au nom des rêves et dont les conséquences échappent à tous.

Filmfestival Kitzbühel 2016 (Meilleur Film)
Nomination estonienne pour les Oscars