On the Other Side / S one strane
Croatia, Serbia 2016

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directed by Zrinko Ogresta, drama, 85 min, eng subtitles written by Zrinko Ogresta
with Ksenija Marinkoviæ, Lazar Ristovski, Tihana Lazoviæ, Robert Budak, Toni Šestan, Tena Jeiæ Gajski

Tuesday 11.10.2016 - 18.30, Cinématheque
Thursday 20.10.2016 - 21.00, Ciné Utopia

Vesna is a middle-aged visiting nurse living in Zagreb. She takes care of everyone around her endlessly, her grown-up children, grandchildren and patients. Suddenly, she gets a mysterious call at work from her husband, who was a captain in the Yugoslav National Army when the war in Croatia broke out and had decided to stay ‘on the other side’. He ended up at The Hague and has just been released. They have not spoken for 20 years and Vesna is initially very upset by his call and refuses to talk. But soon she starts to feel the long-lost love for her husband once again. They continue talking over the phone and developing a new relationship, despite her justified mistrust … This seventh film by the Croatian director Zrinko Ogresta is a carefully constructed and skilfully executed intimate story about sorrow and forgiveness, depicting the tragedy of war at the family level.

Berlin IFF 2016 (Special Mention by Europa Cinemas Label Jury)
Pula IFF 2016 (Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Editing, Best Sound Design)
Belgrade IFF 2016 (Best Minority Co-production Film, Best Director for Minority Co-production Film, Best Film from the Region)
Montenegro IFF 2016 (Grand Prix for Best Film)

Il y a vingt ans, Vesna a déménagé avec sa famille à Zagreb, loin des événements qui ont failli détruire leurs vies. Mais un appel téléphonique inattendu fait ressurgir le souvenir d’un secret qu’elle a tenté de cacher tout au long de ces années. Ce drame touchant suscite notre compassion pour Vesna, épouse d’un ancien soldat.

Berlin IFF 2016 (Mention spéciale par Europa Cinemas Jury Label)
Pula IFF 2016 (meilleur film, meilleur réalisateur, meilleur scénario, meilleure actrice, meilleur acteur, meilleur montage)
Belgrade IFF 2016 (Best Minority Co-production du film, du meilleur réalisateur pour Minority Co-production du film, du meilleur film de la région)
Monténégro IFF 2016 (Grand Prix du Meilleur Film)

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