The Lure / Córki dancingu
Poland 2015

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directed by Agnieszka Smoczyñska, musical, 89 min, eng subtitles written by Robert Bolesto
with Kinga Preis, Michalina Olszañska, Marta Mazurek, Jakub Giersza³

Thursday 20.10.2016 - 21.00, Ciné Utopia

An audacious and crazy debut by the director Agnieszka Smoczyñska, awarded in Sundance with a Special Jury Award for artistic vision. The Lure is the story of two teenage girls, Gold and Silver, who unexpectedly turn up on the the disco scene of Warsaw in the 80s: an oasis of freedom and joy in the gloomy reality of communist Poland, full of vibrant music, neon lights and glitter. Gold and Silver are however no ordinary girls - they are mermaids who emerged from the lake one night, much to everyone’s surprise. They join a band called Figs and Dates and quickly become the sensation of the capital’s nightlife. A stylish, colourful story, spiced up with a spattering of blood and the irresistible power of love.

Sundance FF 2016 (Special Jury Prize)
Sophia IFF 2016 (Youth Jury Prize)
Vilnius IFF 2016 (Best Director)
Fantasporto FF 2016 (Best Film, Best Special Effects, Best Director)
Nashville FF 2016 (Grand Jury Prize)

Musical déjanté et audacieux, The Lure raconte l' histoire de deux sirènes qui au milieu des années 80 apparaissent subitement au centre de la vie nocturne de la capitale polonaise, une oasis de liberté et de joie dans la sombre réalité de la Pologne communiste. Une histoire à la fois survoltée et nostalgique, dans laquelle dance et disco sont pimentés de sang et d'amour irrésistible.

Sundance FF 2016 (Prix spécial du jury)
Sophia IFF 2016 (Prix du Jury des jeunes)
Vilnius IFF 2016 (meilleur réalisateur)
Fantasporto FF 2016 (meilleur film, Meilleurs effets spéciaux, meilleur réalisateur)
Nashville FF 2016 (Grand Prix du Jury) cineurope: