My Aunt In Sarajevo & Refugee 532 / Min faster i Sarajevo & Flyktiling 532
Sweden 2016

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directed by Goran Kapetoanoviæ, drama, 58 min, eng subtitles, 16+ written by China Åhlander, Goran Kapetanoviæ
with Milan Dragišiæ, Julia Ragnarsson, Sadzida Setic

Saturday 14.10.2017 - 16.30, Cinémathèque
Tuesday 17.10.2017 - 18.30, Cinémathèque

Goran Karapetanoviæ, a Bosnian born director currently residing in Sweden, returns to Sarajevo with his hero, who confronts the past that haunts him. Zlatan left Bosnia more than twenty years ago as a war refugee and has never returned to his hometown. His only contact with the country has consisted in sending money to the carer of his old aunt. His grown-up daughter Anja, who was born in Sweden, wants to know more about her Bosnian roots and her father's past, but Zlatan is very stubborn and avoids any reminiscences of life in Sarajevo and Bosnia. Anja has however already decided to travel to Sarajevo and although her father tries to stop her, we soon find them both in a taxi taking them to the heart of the city… This deeply touching yet also very uplifting story reflects on our memory of the past and our need to come to terms with it in order to be able to move forward.


The Guldbagge Award 2016 (Best Director, Best Supporting Actress)

Zlatan, qui a quitté la Bosnie il y a plus de vingt ans en tant que refugié de guerre, retourne à contrecœur à Sarajevo avec sa fille, qui veut en apprendre davantage sur ses racines bosniaques et le passé de son père. Cette histoire à la fois très touchante et inspirante est une réflexion sur le coût de la guerre, sur le passé et la nécessité d’y faire face pour pouvoir avancer.


The Guldbagge Award 2016