Echo / Eho
Kosovo, Germany 2016

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directed by Dren Zherka, drama, 93 min, eng subtitles, 16+ written by Dren Zherka
with Klara Höfels, Selman Jusufi

Monday 16.10.2017 - 21.00, Ciné Utopia
Wednesday 18.10.2017 - 21.00, Ciné Utopia

Hanna, a 65-year-old woman is involved in an accident in Germany in which a young man dies. She sets out to condole with the young man's family, but nobody knows who he is as it seems he was in Germany illegally and using a false name. At the same time in Kosovo, Ismet, a 71-year-old man who lives a lonely and monotonous life in a house in the outskirts of the town, desperately awaits the money transfer that he receives every month from his son who is working abroad. A subtle, lyrical and visually impressive portrait of two ageing people thousands of kilometres apart, yet drawn together through a fatal accident, their loss and loneliness, Echo is a critique of both eastern and western social systems that often overlook their elderly, reminding us of the importance of family bonds.

Un portrait subtil et lyrique de deux personnes âgées, séparées par des milliers de kilomètres, mais soudainement reliées par un tragique accident. Une histoire sur la perte et la solitude, Echo est une critique des sociétés qui oublient souvent leurs aînés, nous rappelant l'importance des liens familiaux.