The Fixer / Fixeur
Romania, France 2016

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directed by Adrian Sitaru, drama, 98 min, eng subtitles, 16+ written by Claudia Silisteanu, Adrian Silisteanu
with Tudor Aaron Istodor, Mehdi Nebbou, Diana Spatarescu, Adian Titieni

Monday 16.10.2017 - 20.30, Cinémathèque
Wednesday 18.10.2017 - 20.00, CineKursaal

The Fixer is the latest film by Adrian Sitaru, following his critically acclaimed and award-winning features Illegitimate (CinEast 2016) and Domestic (CinEast 2013). The story follows Radu, once a translator, now a journalist trainee working mainly as a camera fixer at a prestigious French news agency in Romania. An international scandal involving two underage prostitutes seems to be the chance for him to prove his value by delivering the background to the scoop. He is ready to reach the heights of good journalism and deliver a good story, the task however turns out to be trickier than expected and the more he approaches his goal, the more he treads on his moral limits. Through the journalist’s eyes, this complex dramatackles some moral dilemmas in questioning how far we may go to justify success.

Radu, un jeune journaliste, travaille dans une agence de presse prestigieuse en tant que stagiaire. Un scandale international impliquant deux prostituées mineures semble être l'occasion pour lui de prouver sa valeur. Il est prêt à risquer beaucoup pour faire ses preuves. Une histoire captivante sur l'abus, ce drame s'attaque à des dilemmes moraux en demandant jusqu'où pouvons-nous aller pour atteindre nos objectifs et devancer les autres. http://