The Fastest / Najlepszy
Poland 2017

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directed by £ukasz Palkowski, biopic, 103 min, eng subtitles, 16+ written by Agatha Dominik, Maciej Karpiñski
with Jakub Giersza³, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Kamila Kamiñska, Janusz Gajos

Sunday 15.10.2017 - 21.00, Ciné Utopia
Saturday 21.10.2017 - 18.00, Cinémathèque

In the long-awaited return of the director of Gods (CinEast 2015), the biggest revelation of the 39th Gdynia FF which gathered the largest audience in Poland in 2014, £ukasz Palkowski once again explores the biography of an extraordinary person. The main protagonist of the film is a Polish triathlon athlete, who amazed the world but remains practically unknown in Poland to this day. The Fastest depicts the incredible transformation of a man from a drug-addicted wreck to a super athlete. This is the fascinating story of the life of Jerzy Górski who completed the Death Race, set a world record in the triathlon world championships and won the Double Ironman title. A life speckled with ultimate risks, spectacular falls and hard-earned glory. However, this record would not have been possible if two women had not appeared in his life. He lost one of them and the other was an inspiration to fight for his life. A thrilling, inspiring biopic about a man who has replaced drugs with sport, The Fastest is a story about great struggle and an unbeatable desire for life in overcoming one's own limits.

Le personnage principal du film est un triathlonien polonais, qui a impressionné le monde entier, mais qui reste très peu connu dans son pays. Le film retrace la transformation incroyable d'un homme qui est passé de l’état d’épave toxicomane à celui d’athlète accompli. Un biopic excitant et inspirant sur un homme qui a remplacé la drogue par le sport, The Fastest est une histoire de lutte, de dépassement de soi et d’irrépressible envie de vivre.