Memories of Summer / Wspomnienie lata
Poland 2016

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directed by Adam Guziñski, drama, 87 min, eng subtitles, 12+ written by Adam Guziñski
with Urszula Grabowska, Robert Wieckiewicz, Elzbieta Romanowska

Sunday 15.10.2017 - 16.45, Cinémathèque

In Memories of Summer, the director Adam Guziñski returns to his own childhood memories, setting the action of the film back in the late 70s, in a provincial town somewhere in Poland. We enter the world of the 12 year old, maturing Piotrek who spends the summer months with his mother, while the boy's father is away, working in another city. When the mother starts to go somewhere in the evenings, their uncomplicated, easy relationship begins to muddle. The boy discovers that his mother is hiding a secret from him. Entangled in adult affairs, Piotrek feels more and more lost and lonely. 

Memories of Summer is an emotional, nostalgic coming of age story about a mother and son relationship, taking us on a sentimental journey to the end of childish innocence.

Memories of Summer se déroule à la fin des années 70, dans une ville provinciale quelque part en Pologne. Piotrek, 12 ans, passe l'été avec sa mère, tandis que son père est absent et sa mère commence à s'absenter de plus en plus souvent . Une histoire émouvante et nostalgique sur la relation mère-fils qui nous entraîne dans un voyage sentimental vers la fin de l'innocence enfantine.