Unwanted / T'padashtun
Kosovo, Netherlands 2017

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directed by Edon Rizvanolli, drama, 85 min, eng subtitles, 16+ written by Edon Rizvanolli
with Adriana Matoshi, Jason de Ridder, Niki Verkaar

Sunday 15.10.2017 - 19.00, Ciné Utopia
Friday 20.10.2017 - 18.30, Cinémathèque

Set in Amsterdam, Unwanted is a social drama delving into the harsh consequences of and damage caused by the war in Kosovo. A debut by a Kosovo-born film director currently living in the Netherlands examines acceptance of others and the identity of second-generation migrants living in Western Europe. Alban is a troublemaker and a misfit who often ends up in fights with other kids. But he is also a dreamer and spends a lot of his time alone. His mother Zana is a war refugee from Kosovo whose main worry is to bring food to the table. One day, Alban encounters Ana, whose father is a Serb from Kosovo. The fact that Albanians and Serbs were at war has no special importance for them. After all, they both feel Dutch. Zana, however, has a completely different perspective on their relationship. Soon the traumas caused by the war, which his mother initially hides away from him, turn Alban's world upside down.

Un drame social sur les conséquences de la guerre au Kosovo. Unwanted examine l'acceptation envers les autres et l'identité de la deuxième génération de migrants vivant en Europe occidentale. Alban, un fauteur de troubles mais aussi un rêveur, vit avec sa mère Zana, une réfugiée de guerre du Kosovo. Un jour, Alban rencontre Ana, dont le père est un Serbe du Kosovo. Le fait que les Albanais et les Serbes soient en guerre leur importe peu. Après tout, ils se sentent surtout Néerlandais. Zana a cependant une perspective complètement différente sur cette relation. Bientôt, les traumatismes causés par la guerre vont bouleverser la vie d'Alban et celle du couple.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2liiNkRMGc http://unwanted-movie.info http://www.cineuropa.org/ff.aspx?t=ffocusarticle&l=en&tid=3148&did=330803 http://www.cineuropa.org/ff.aspx?t=ffocusvideo&l=en&tid=3148&did=330913