Dren Zherka

Dren Zherka, born in Kosovo in 1980, obtained his first experience in film in his home country, working in film production companies, mainly producing short films, music videos, documentaries and commercials. After taking on a wide range of roles on set, in 2003 he moved to New York, where with his friends and colleagues he became involved in creating independent videos, short films and documentaries with a particular focus on the Albanian community there. In 2007, he moved to Berlin, a place he nowadays calls home. Zherka studied directing in Filmarche in Berlin while also studying European Ethnology at Humboldt University. Eho (Echo, 2017) is his debut feature film which he wrote, directed and produced, explaining that it is a film about his preoccupation with “the thorny dilemma of our universal human experience”. The film won the Silver Zenith in First Films Category at the Montreal World Film Festival 2016.