Labina Mitevska

Labina Mitevska is a renowned Macedonian actress who started her acting career as a teenager in 1993, playing Zamira in Milcho Mancevskiís Golden Lion award winning Пред дождот (Before the Rain, 1994). In the following years, she resumed her studies in Macedonia, Denmark and the USA, and in 1996 she entered into a successful collaboration with Michael Winterbottom. They worked together on Welcome to Sarajevo (1997) and I Want You (1998), and for these accomplishments she was chosen as one of the Shooting Stars at the Berlinale in 1998. Her acting career continued around Europe, and she has filmed in Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria and Slovenia. In 2001, Labina, her sister Teona and their brother Vuk established the production company Sisters and brother Mitevski, with their latest film, Кога денот немаше име (When the day had no name, 2017) premiering at the Berlinale, Panorama Special. In 2014 she was chosen to be part of Producers on the Move during Cannes Film Festival. She is also an EAVE national representative and a member of the European Film Academy.